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Why mountain hiking? Having a fifty-mile view comes to mind, but that's not the only reason to head for the hills. Like myself, you might feel drawn to photos of mountains--and to the real things. If a photo like the one here makes you want to get out there hiking and exploring, this web site is for you.

There's nothing wrong with wandering the woods of Michigan or the swamps of Louisiana, but some of us need mountains in our lives. Whether backpacking in Montana tundra, scrambling up "fourteeners" in Colorado, bathing in waterfalls, or watching big-horn sheep on cliffs--this is hiking at its best. Here are some pages to get you started...

Hiking Adventures - True tales from Montana, Michigan, California, Colorado and South America.

Hiking Trails - National Parks and lonely little-known mountain ranges...

Hiking Tips - Clothing, how to deal with bears, dealing with weather...

Hiking Supplies - The latest hiking clothes, backpacks and such.

Hiking Tips and More

Foot Protection - Good hiking or running shoes keep the weight down compared to hiking boots, but may have thin and flexible bottoms. These can cause sore feet when used on rough terrain. The good news is that a thicker, more rigid sole isn't always heavier, so when comparing shoes, bend them to test rigidity.

Recommended - Ultralight Backpacking Secrets (And Wilderness Survival Tips) - Spend a weekend backpacking in style with ten pounds on your back - total weight.

Backpacking Videos

My Own Mountains - I have a list of the peaks I have summited

Bring Spare Socks - Even on a day hike it can really help to have a pair of clean dry socks with you. If your feet get wet, whether from rain or sweat, change your socks and hang the wet pair on your pack to dry (that way you can switch again if necessary). Your feet will be more comfortable and this is a good way to prevent blisters as well.

Lightest Foods - Whether you are taking a long day hike or backpacking for a week, you might want to cut your pack weight. Start by bringing high-calorie foods so you can carry less. This can really make a difference. On a weekend trip, for example, you might need 12,000 calories to keep your energy up, but those calories could be food weighing from fourteen pounds down to four pounds. Nuts (almost any kind) have almost twice the calories per pound as bread. Balance weight savings with decent nutritional choices, of course.

Mountain Hiking: Pages

Backpacking Games - Ones that are lightweight.

Backpacking Recipes for Breakfast - Some simple ones.

Random Backpacking Tips - Some you may not have read before.

Wilderness Survival Tips - Specifically for mountain hiking and backpacking.

Easy Camping Recipes - And food storage advice from Robert Smith.

Making Your Own Wilderness First Aid Kits - What to include and why.

How to Find Cheap Lightweight Hiking Shoes - Several key tips.

Tips for Hiking Colorado's Fourteeners - Five things you need to know.

Backpacking the High Mountains - What you should know.

Good Backpacking Habits to Develop - Half a dozen to get you started.

Old Mines in the Mountains - Warnings, and safety tips in case you explore them anyhow.

Finding New Places to Hike - A true account and some tips as well.

Hiking With Dogs - The case for and against.

California Hiking - Hiking by moonlight in the Sierra Nevadas.

Mount Chimborazo - From an unheated hut at 16,000 feet to the summit at 20,600 feet.

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